Milesweb India review

They were patient and dealt with my questions faster than I ever expected. My cloud hosting is Read More Even if I give a starting rating of 5, I would undermine MilesWeb’s service. Quick action on chat from their support to solve a problem while I was working on a website. I had a problem setting up DNS records for third-party email.

If you need Microsoft technologies in your hosting plan, MilesWeb has three managed Windows hosting plans to choose from.

Is MilesWeb an Indian company?

MilesWeb provides customers with a range of tools to help them build and maintain their online presence. For those who want to work more directly with MilesWeb, an affiliate program is offered in addition to reseller hosting for Linux and Windows. MilesWeb recently teamed up with Jetpack to offer a whole new range of managed WordPress hosting services with bundled features. MilesWeb offers you a free SSL certificate with its hosting plans, so you don’t have to worry about your website’s data and other minor things related to SSL.

MilesWeb makes website creation more accessible and provides an invaluable service to many Indian companies.

How good is MilesWebHosting?

The company offers space for both companies and hobbyists and has an impressive infrastructure. Once you’ve signed up, managing your hosting isn’t too bad thanks to the efforts of MilesWeb’s own designers and cPanel’s standardized experience. Although MilesWeb is relatively new to the web hosting business, it’s a great opportunity in the Indian subcontinent. I would like to thank MilesWeb for helping me in a time when I only have half a day left to transfer to Read More.


MilesWeb hosting review suggests that it’s good value for a web host, but is recommended for low traffic or new blogs and websites.

How do I host a website with MilesWeb?

WordPress CMS is constantly growing and has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a powerful and accessible content management system. If you’ve decided to try them out (why not, there’s a reasonable money-back period), this post will walk you through the easy ten-minute process of setting up a WordPress website and connecting a domain. The plugin plays an important role. When you use more plugins, it results in a higher load time and reduces website traffic. Therefore, to have a professional website, it is wise to hire a website hosting (or a paid site builder).

If you have a little knowledge on WordPress, this is the best way to start a blog or run a small business.

How good is Hostinger?

However, Hostinger’s plans lack some of the features you’d expect from a top-notch web host, such as dedicated hosting and phone support. Hostinger is a worthy home for your website because it offers great uptime and premium plans at a clearly not top-notch price. Hostinger is great for those who are both new and experienced in building a website, and has strong support and help along the way. Although overall performance is solid, you can still experience performance drops on high-traffic websites.

Even with Hostinger’s cheapest shared hosting plan, you can create a professional email address and create multiple email addresses with the more expensive plans.