Who is greengeeks?

So I don’t have the time and energy to build websites from scratch, but I still want more flexibility and options than other services that provide websites out of the box. To increase their profits, other web hosting companies put as many websites as possible on a single server, but that’s not the case with GreenGeeks. This is where GreenGeeks really shines for someone like me who needs that middle ground. You must contact the support team first before you can set up a dedicated server.

However, it was comparatively slower in India and the Asia-Pacific region, but still loaded under a second.

Is GreenGeeks good?

You can also use PowerCacher, an in-house caching technology designed to efficiently deliver your applications. GreenGeeks offers a wide range of hosting solutions – from shared hosting to VPS hosting to reseller hosting. Dedicated servers are a slightly better bargain, but GreenGeeks remains one of the more expensive options in this space too. They’re small compared to some other hosting companies, with over 50,000 customers and over 600,000 hosted websites, but they make up for it with feature-rich plans and excellent customer support.

We have no problem paying a dollar or two a month for the upgraded hardware, especially with all the other bonus features GreenGeeks includes in hosting packages.

Is GreenGeeks fast?

I mean, if they’re good enough for the Canadian government, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us. With an average speed of 178.6ms, hosting in GreenGeek’s Canadian data center should mean your website is fast, no matter where your audience is. Your commitment to offset the energy consumed with 300% wind credits certainly sets the bar for other web hosts who want to become environmentally friendly or reduce their carbon footprint. I chose GreenGeeks because I wanted good WordPress hosting for my websites and I had a bad experience with another WordPress hosting company before.

However, if your server goes down, the uptime guarantee provides at least some sort of compensation for the problems that can cause downtime.

Where is GreenGeeks based?

It’s also worth noting that GreenGeeks uses MariaDB which, when combined with SSD hard drives, Optimized LiteSpeed, and PowerCache caching technology, forms a powerful front-line. I moved a site from a provider to GreenGeeks and needed help creating a test site, removing the old site, and deploying the new one and installing WordPress. It took me two days to activate my account because Greengeeks also uses a god-awful scam detection system that basically flags login attempts left and right. Today, Trey and his experienced core team of professionals have turned GreenGeeks into a healthy, stable and competitive company.

Who is GreenGeeks?

If you apply for the above money-back guarantee and availed it from this “free” domain name offer, your refund will be deducted from the amount you paid for a domain name registration fee. I was also happy with the availability of my domain. I don’t have a lot of traffic, but it was nice not to worry about my website or email being down. Bad show Greengeeks, their customer service is absolutely the worst, take a training from Hostgator. They don’t offer resellers “unlimited” storage or more disk space, so the reseller can only offer customers 2GB or less, depending on their plan.