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If you’ve gone online and read up on cloud hosting and you are still not sure of its definition, let alone how it works, then you are in luck. This article aims to offer the  details about cloud hosting while we explore the options of the best cloud hosting.

What is cloud hosting?

In simple terms for better understanding, cloud hosting is virtual host that which is run in a cloud computing environment. Cloud hosting is usually built, hosted and are delivered through a platform for cloud hosting, through the internet. Cloud hosting can be assessed remotely and are also called virtual servers because it is not located on a physical server. Another way to put the definition of cloud hosting is that, cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that is provided to customers through numerous servers that are connected to form a cloud.

Types of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting can be classified on the basis of location and on the basis of services it offers.

Based on the location, cloud is classified as: Public, private, hybrid and community cloud.

Public: All infrastructures of computing is situated on the site of a cloud computing firm which in turn offers the cloud services. This is why it is called public.

Hybrid: Hybrid is a dual type of cloud web hosting that makes use of both public and private clouds. Business owners are advised to make use of private clouds to store highly confidential information whilst storing secondary data on the public cloud or elsewhere.

Private: This involves hosting all your computer infrastructures by yourself. This type of cloud hosting is not shared and is the most secure way to host owing to the fact that it is private and the security is at its peak.

Community: Community cloud is a shared type of cloud hosting. It involves sharing between organizations that have similar goals or among professional departments, such as military, engineering, or health. Community cloud can also be shared within organizations that have similar geographical location.

Apart from categorizing cloud based on location, cloud is also categorized based on the type of services. These are: Functions as a service (FaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). They are also known as Cloud Computing Stack because they are built on each other.

Infrastructure as a Service: The most basic type of cloud server hosting is Infrastructure as a Service. It offers you the opportunity to rent IT infrastructures in the form of VM’s or servers on a pay per service charge from a cloud server hosting company. There are several cloud hosting providers in India for you to choose from.

PaaS (Platform as a Service): this is the provision of services as the Need arises. It is for testing, developing, managing and delivering application type of software. The way it works is to create mobile apps or web apps without the need to bother about managing or setting up the storage, databases, servers and network infrastructures that is used for development.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Just like PaaS, software as a Service is a way to deliver software applications over the internet based on demands. Unlike PaaS, SaaS is based on a monthly subscription. The role of SaaS is to host and manage software applications and its infrastructure for you. It will also be in charge of maintenance, which often includes software upgrades and Security patches.

Functions as a Service (FaaS):

Functions as a Service is an added layer to PaaS. This gives developers the opportunity to hands off completely from everything that has to do with the stack that is beneath their code. All they have to do is upload functional blocks of code and then trigger them by the set events. This means they hands off handling issues of containers, virtual servers and application runtime. Functions as a Service applications does not make use of the resources infrastructure as a Service except when something happens that reduces the pay as you use fees.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Now that we know the definition of cloud hosting and the types, it’s time to understand how cloud hosting works.

Cloud Hosting is one of the most recent types of hosting that has gained popularity over a few years. Before the advent of cloud hosting, the known way of working things was to have the website hosted directly to a data center through a server. The server can either be shared which means more than one website will be hosted or it can be a dedicated site, which means a separate space is created for the website. 

Cloud Hosting is somewhat different from the way things were done previously. When it comes to cloud hosting, your data is not stored on a single server. Instead, it is shared among several servers at several places. All these places are connected. Stored data can be accessed via a virtual machine which has access to several servers located in the cloud. Distribution of storage capacity and power is taken Care of by a backend system.

What Is Cloud Hosting Used for?

Can the world today exist without cloud hosting? Probably not. Thanks to cloud hosting, you can enjoy weekends watching movies and web series on NetFlix, Hulu and Prime Videos. It’s no longer news that so many businesses are making use of them for the reasons listed below:

* Analyze data for patterns

* Stream audio and video

* Create new apps 

* store, back up and also recover data

* Web hosting and websites

* Deliver software on demand

* Make predictions

How to Buy a Cloud Hosting

To buy a cloud server hosting, you must first know exactly what you want. Once you are sure of what you want, reach out to the cloud hosting providers of your choice. The steps below are a guide to purchasing a cloud server hosting.

* Select your server: This is the first major step to procuring your cloud hosting. There are several cloud hosting servers available but you can do a quick search online to unearth the best cloud hosting providers in India. 

* Select Hosting Plan;

Once you have agreed on the company you want to host your website with, select a hosting plan. There are several hosting plans available. Pick one that is suitable for you and proceed. The hosting plan is also how you are billed.

* Domain:

You can decide to use an existing domain name, register a new domain or just transfer files from your previous domain. 

* Checkout and Payment

When you have connected the domain, confirm the details you have filled and pay for the cloud hosting. It is simple and hardly takes two minutes.

Where You Can Buy a Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting in India offer you a host of opportunities to scale your business. If you want a cheap cloud hosting, all you have to do is compare prices and find one that is pocket-friendly. Cheap cloud hosting India will not dig a hole in your pocket.